To Market, To Market

For sure, there is no shortage of markets in Bangkok! There are food markets, of course, but also flower markets, weekend markets, night markets, floating markets, and basic street markets! I will try to blog about several different markets throughout our stay.

A few weeks ago, after moving into our neighborhood, we took the Skytrain just two stops over to check out a popular food market. A morning at Or Tor Kor Market, supposedly the 4th best fresh food market in the world, is a fantastical bombardment on all five senses! It is located across the street from the rather famous Chatuchak Weekend Market (more on that in another post) and is often missed by tourists (including Bill). It was such fun walking up and down the aisles recognizing some but not all of the fresh fruits, veggies, fish, and animal parts!

Bill is always in the middle of the action!
Greens galore!
Now those are fun-shaped apples…
Hope to see these guys at dinner.
Don’t ask because I don’t even know…

And the huge stacks of garlic heads, Thai peppers, and dried tiny shrimps were amazing!

Hot, hotter, and hottest?!
You can never have enough dried shrimp!
No vampires here!

Of course, there were also food stalls offering a variety of fresh-to-order entrees. We opted for a seafood omelet with shrimp, mussels, and oysters cooked in a pan big enough for me to sit in. I only wish I could describe or better yet send a scratch-and-sniff of the different smells emanating from the aisles, to really give you a sense of the market.

Shrimp, oysters, and mussels – oh, my!
Add a little egg…
The finished product!
Lots of dining options…

After completely satiating our senses and our stomachs, we thought about visiting the flower market next door, but decided to save it for another day. Bill had already been given two free orchids at the Or Tor Kor Market, and our balcony is not that big! Before leaving though, Bill made a quick pit stop and was grinning when he came out of the men’s room. He wanted to show me a pic of the urinal (TMI); turns out that there were a handful of kaffir limes in it to keep it nicely scented??! For those of you who don’t already know, Bill won second place at the NC State Fair for his homegrown kaffir limes (in the unusual fruit category). He was delighted to find yet another reason to continue his pampered treatment of the little tree. I’m just hoping he doesn’t remember this refreshing trick by the time we return home!

If we ever decide to start cooking in our apartment, this market will be our go-to place for everything we need, from food and cookware to spices and homemade sauces. Whole Foods will have to kick it up a notch when we return!!

7 thoughts on “To Market, To Market

  1. Perry, I am LOVING your blog on your Thai experience!! The pictures are fantastic and I can just about savor all the foods from this last one. I loved the one before about the umbrellas too…please don’t stop writing and sharing these moments. Plus, you will be glad to have this digital diary in years to come when it is all a distant memory!


  2. Perry I miss you but I know when you return home I will miss your blogs!! They are so great and newsy and full of great pics. Keep em coming girlfriend!!


  3. Wow! How could you NOT cook with all of those beautiful options! And it is all so clean and tidy—keep the blogs coming, so fun and interesting to read!


  4. Whoa. Your account of the market sights and smells has got my sensory imagination jacked up 20 notches. What a feast of delights! Blog on….


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